Hopefully, you'll find the answer you need from one of the articles we have on our help centre, but if you need a little help or just want to say hello, just select one of the contact options below.

*Please get in touch through ONLY ONE method of contact as contacting through multiple channels for the same query may delay response times for you and other customers.


Be sure to INCLUDE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE eg/ order number (#UK123456), email address, pictures, etc. This will allow us to answer any questions you have as quickly as possible.

Please contact our support team here -



When can I expect to receive my order?

Normally our shipping times range within 7-14 business days but due to Covid-19, we are averaging about 15-30 days for delivery.

If you have no received your product within 30 days then please contact us here so we can work to track your order and resolve the issue effective immediately. If the issue cannot be resolved then we are more than obliged to offer you a full refund.

 In this case, please ensure when you contact us to provide all necessary information so we can resolve your issue as soon as possible.



What is a fitness consultation and how can I benefit from it?

We are currently providing fitness consultation performed by our specialists here for all new members signing up or by placing an order. The fitness consultation will first start off with an assessment form that customers need to fill out (if they want the consultation at all) in order for us to see your current understanding of dieting and the human body functions. Also to gauge out your current physical levels, health habits, and other core information we need to understand our clients, in order to provide them with the necessary accurate fitness information as relevant to them as possible.

We are motivated to help all our customers to achieve their fitness goals as fast as possible. We believe that one of the most important factors why many people fail to see the results they desire is because of the lack of programming and knowledge of how to exercise effectively and efficiently. So our fitness consultation is essentially a strong and quick introduction crash course  to the world of fitness so you can confidently exercise and get your best results!



I entered the wrong shipping address in my order, what can I do?

If you have entered the wrong shipping address into your order, and your order has been placed, please contact our staff immediately by clicking here - our staff ships out items within 24 hours. So if an item gets sent out to the wrong address supplied, we cannot recover those losses.

Do you ship to my country?

All our products ship out world-wide.

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