This is my collection of my all-time favorite motivational videos that I still listen to even to this day. They really help remind myself the importance of my work, who I want to become and where I'm headed towards in life.

Listen and enjoy.


Kevin Hart has been a great inspiration for me over the past few years. Started watching him when he started becoming more viral and now see all his hard work paying off to see him become the great success he is today.


This one might be a bit much for some people...but as an aspiring entrepreneur, this one definitely hits too close to home.


I'm also a really big fan of anime ever since I was young. I respect the creative and inspiration work of these artists and the powerful messages they convey in their work. These are a bit more personal for me when my self-esteem was at an all-time low, which led me to holding myself back from doing what I always wanted to do in my life.


Definitely one of my newest favorite characters recently that I really resonate with.




If you made it through any of these videos then I hope they resonated with your heart as they did for me.

I wish you the best of luck and upmost success for all your goals in life.

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